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Solar Armor window films are designed to withstand the most testing of conditions, reflecting 99% of harmful UV rays whilst maximising privacy, style and comfort. 

We offer a range of nano-ceramic films that compete with the leading brands across the world in terms of performance, offering unrivalled in-cabin heat rejection, minimised impacted on wireless devices and the highest levels of glare rejection. 

Solar Armor’s range of films are available in high end nanoceramics to regular carbon finishes to suit all budget types, we offer a broad range of VLT’s.

Darkest Legal to 70%

Our VLT Range

See which VLT would best suit your vehicle. 

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What is Solar Armor – Australian Window Film

What is Solar Armor – Australian Window Film

Solar Armor Australian Window Films, is an Australian made, premium quality window film, which is made from the highest-grade materials to ensure your windows are kept entirely protected from the harsh Australian sun, reducing the glare, heat, and UV radiation that...

We Believe in Quality

Solar Armor is committed to providing not only the best window films, we also believe in excellence in our customer service and warranty. 

With a lifetime warranty* you can rest assured you are purchasing a product that has been rigorously tested to meet longevity targets of the highest standards with a zero to none failure rate.  

We offer the highest level of quality film, at a competitive rate and second to none aftersales support. 


The Products


Highest level of light transmission providing the best visibility.


Optimally designed for maximum visibility, UV rejection and comfort. 


Maintain privacy, temperature regulation and visibility with their film.


The darkest Legal Tint available (check individual state laws), only allows for 5% of light to be passed through the film.

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We have offices in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. 

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