Solar Armor Australian Window Films, is an Australian made, premium quality window film, which is made from the highest-grade materials to ensure your windows are kept entirely protected from the harsh Australian sun, reducing the glare, heat, and UV radiation that can damage the interior of your home.

Knowing More About Window Films

A window film is a thin transparent sheet that covers the front of a window. It can be made from many materials, including polyester, fabric, vinyl, and paper. Window films such as Australian Window Films have many uses, including protecting the windows from the sun’s harmful UV rays, keeping out moisture, or improving privacy.  

Window films are a versatile product. They can be used in various places, like car windows, home windows, and even in commercial areas like offices. They are an alternative to traditional glass, which is a very common material used for windows. The main reason for using window films is to stop the heat in your car from spreading to the interior of your car. Another reason why window films are used is to make your inner car look a lot better.

There are many types and styles of window films. There are two main types of window films: opaque and transparent. Both of these types of window films can be used for either interior or exterior use.  Check out their differences below:

  1. Opaque films are made from a material that completely blocks visible light and is designed to be used in bright sunny conditions.  
  2. Transparent window films are made from a material that allows light to pass through them but is designed to be used in low-light conditions.  

If you have recently renovated or are thinking about doing so, you may be considering some window films which could help achieve the look you are after. With these, the quality of life of your family and pets will be better by ensuring they are protected from UV rays. The film can be applied to windows and doors to make sure they are more energy-efficient. This can be a great option for reducing energy bills and will also increase your home value.

Choosing the best Window Films for your Car

A home is often only one of the places that a window film can be applied. Other places where window films can be used include offices, shops, car interiors, and airports.  

For cars, these films are a great way to protect them against the harmful elements that may decrease their value and appearance. The film is installed on the windows of a vehicle to give it a very good look as well. The film is very easy to install, and it will last for a very long time. The benefits of window films are many. They offer protection against UV rays, keep the room cooler in the summer, and many come with additional benefits, such as privacy and energy efficiency.

We Have the Best Australian Window Films for you!

In the world of window films, there are many types of films that are used today. Window films are used to make the windows in your home or office look very appealing. There are many window films available today. They come in a variety of designs, colours, and sizes. There is a huge range of designs available, and they are very popular with our customers.

If you are looking for the best Australian window films, you don’t need to travel farther because we are just one call away from home.


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